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Link WordPress & Social Media Accounts

For Otta to post to your WordPress site and/or social media, these accounts need to be linked to a project. All content then created within that project will use these links for posting.

Creat new project

Click on 'View' for the project WordPress and/or social media accounts are to be link to.

Project Calendar

Click on the settings tab to access the options available for this project.

Project Settings

WordPress, Medium and social media accounts are set up in the Integrations section on the Settings page.

WordPress Integration

WordPress Integration

Enter the details of your WordPress site along with the login details for a user on your site that has Editor access. Otta will connect to your site with this user. As an 'editor' user, Otta will not have any access to the administration settings of your site. Access will only be available to posts, tags and categories.

Twitter Integration

Twitter Integration

Click the button 'Add Twitter to this project'. You will be taken to twitter to authenticate your Twitter account.

Add the settings for any other social media accounts as required.