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Account Creation

Creating a new account in Otta is a simple process. This document will take you through the steps needed to create your new Otta account.

Login Screen

Select ‘Create an account’

User Login

Select to sign up with Google or enter an email address and password.


A verification email will be sent to the email account you signed up with. Check for this email and follow the instructions within it to verify your email address before returning to the signup page and pressing 'Continue'.


Click on your email address to complete the login process to Otta

Organisation Details

Enter the name of the organisation Otta is being used for. Your email address will be linked to this organistation.

Opt in or out

Select whether you wish to receive emails from Otta giving tips and information about new features. To continue creating an account in Otta you must agree to the Terms and Conditions. Please click the links to view these.

Let me get started

Congratulations you have finished creating your Otta account. Click on 'Let me get started' to be taken to the Otta desktop. You can have a look around on your own or on each page click the 'Guide' button to see a tour of the page you are on.

If this is your first time using Otta we recommend you work through the rest of the Getting Started documentation to set up your project and social media integrations.