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Add Events


Select a project to add events to. Each project can have different Events selected.


Select the Events tab.


Events are separated into two types:
Custom Events - Personal recurring yearly events.
Public Events - Standard list of events managed by the Otta team.

Create Custom Event

Custom events are personal events visible only to those with access to the project. They are created and maintained by anyone with access to the project.

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Click the Add Group link to add a new event type group.

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Enter a name for your event group e.g. Family Birthday's

Select a colour for displaying the events within this group on the calendar.

Click Add to add the event group.

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Click Add date link to add a specific event to the group.

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Enter the name of the specific event and select the date associated to the event.

Click Submit to add the event.

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The added events will automatically be displayed on the projects calendar

Public Events

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Otta has over 1,000 events available, covering the UK, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Check the box/boxes against the event groups you wish to automatically show on your project calendar. The selection can be changed at any time by unchecking or checking additional boxes.

As the public events are managed and maintained by Otta there is no access to add your own public events. If you feel there is an event missing or the information displayed is wrong click on the Make a suggestion link, provide the details and the team will review, correct or add where appropriate.