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Create Content

Project Calendar

To add new content, select Projects from the left hand menu. Select the View option for the project you wish to create content for.

Project Calendar

From within your project select the Content tab to create/amend and manage your content.

New Content

Content can be added by clicking on the Create button or by using the Quick Add functionality if you have a great idea but are not ready to fully create it as a content piece.

Quick Add Idea

Project Calendar

Have a great idea for content but not ready to create it fully, the Quick Add function allows ideas for content to be quickly added. Only the minimum amount of information is required. The content item will automatically be added with a state of ‘Idea’.

Enter the Title, Description and select the type of content you are planning the item to be. Click ‘Create’ to add this to your content list as an Idea.


New Content

Click the 'Create' button to add a new content item.

New Content

Enter in the basic information for the piece of content you wish to create.

  • Title - required – enter the title to be used for the content piece.

  • Description - required – enter a description for the content item being created.

  • Type – required – select type of content being created, avaiable types are Blog Post, Video, Podcast, Social Campaign.

  • Tags – enter any tag associated with the content. multiple tags can be added.

  • State – select the state relating to the content item, available states are: Idea, In Progress, Content.

  • Publish Date – select or enter a date and time content is to be published. If a WordPress account has been added to the project and the content item linked to WordPress, the content item will automatically be published on the day and time selected.

  • URL – enter the URL the content will be published to when completed. This URL will be used for any social media posts added to the content item. If a WordPress account has been added to the project this field will be automatically filled in.

Click ‘Create’ to add the new content item


New Content

Content can be added using the editor built into Otta or by coping and pasting existing content into the editor.


New Content

Upload any files relating to the content item e.g. any image file required for social media campaign connected to the content item.